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Absolutely Live the Doors Tribute show
came into being in 1992 when 5 individuals decided that there was not enough representation of classic rock music in the live scene at the time. The members were in an existing band that already included some Doors numbers.

It was hard not to ignore Tony’s the singers uncanny similarity to Jim Morrison in stage presence, vocal tone, mannerisms and general extravert behaviour, so they decided to embark on a brand new project - to create a stage show entirely devoted to the music and talents of The Doors ensemble.

Absolutely live built up a nationwide following in the 90’s which resulted in regular and busy tour schedules, sometimes 5 shows per week.

Absolutely live recreate the energy that existed in 60’s doors arena concerts. They are dedicated to raising the energy of the room and sustaining that energy, so that the crowd can open their own doors of perception and thus feel a release of free and primal exhilaration through engagement with the music.

The Doors and the songs of The Doors are powerful metaphors
for freedom of expression.
The songs were given their birth in the 60’s, when substantial world events brought about such changes in western culture that people needed avenues to express their new ideas of freedom.

Doors music encapsulates the essence of the psychedelic, but also the anger and the determination to change the world, to reach out and be heard,
to incite change.
Absolutely live revisit this, and invite you to come and share the energy of change, and to enjoy the spectacular phenomenon of The Doors.

"Was a wild show. I had the bes
t night hurry up and come back
want to see the show again.
I've got heaps of mates that want to come !"

Travis Sparrow

"Saw you guys at Doncaster Friday night and you ROCKED!
Authentic?! I think so! You had the LOOK, the SOUND, the ENERGY,
Can't wait to see you later in the year.
AWESOME does not describe how great you guys were!"

Brandon Williams

"When r u playing in Melbourne again? I caught ur last show at Trak and two words fuckn awesome !!!! I'm a massive doors fan and it was the first time I've seen a Doors tribute band n I said man they better be fuckn good or I'm walking out in disgust cause to me their untouchable. Man u guys not only nailed it but because of u guys u made it possible to c the doors live n for that I say Thanx boys."

Tony Mastroiani